Custom Reel to Reel Tape Recorders
We have paired this factory new SP-10R turntable and amp with a fully restored vintage SH-10B7 Obsidian Base, mint condition Dust Cover and EPA-500 Boron Tonearm for the ultimate in Technics luxury turntable components.
MSRP $16,999

This top of the line Turntable system includes the audiophile quality plinth and tonearm; headshell and cartridge not included. RHIPA Turntable of the year 2017 and 2018. Redefining high-fidelity turntables for new age.
MSRP $17,999

Providing all of the functionality of the SL-1000R, this turntable insert and amp give you flexibility to customize your turntable system by selecting your own plinth, tonearm, headshell and cartridge for the ultimate vinyl source.
MSRP $9,999

Cordless direct drive motors. iF Design Award Winner 2018. This standard Technics model inherits the superior core technology of the SL-1200G. Offered in Silver 1200 and Black 1210. 
MSRP $1,699

Cordless direct drive motors with high-precision control. The Absolute Sound 2017 Product of the Year. This Grand Class Technics model was developed as the reference quality direct-drive turntable for the next generation.
MSRP $3,999

Made by J-Corder, you will not find this limited edition piece anywhere else on the planet.This heavy solid brass clamp is as functional as it is beautiful and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.
MSRP $249  

Established in 1918 by two Danish Engineers, Ortofon developed and manufactures acclaimed phono cartridges for vinyl records and other turntable products. J-Corder is proud to be an authorized Ortofon dealer. We carry a nice selection of Ortofon finest or we can special order anything from their fabulous product line. 
MSRP $99 and up  

Technics SL-1500C Complete Technics Turnable System COMING SUMMER 2019
The SL-1500C inherits the brand's high-end sound quality concept and adds a host of original Technics technologies, such as a coreless direct drive motor and high sensitivity tonearm. To simplify the playing of analogue records, the built-in Phono EQ connects to a wide variety of devices. The SL-1500C also comes equipped with a high-quality Ortofon 2M Red phono cartridge.
MSRP $1,199