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J-Corder custom reel to reel tape recorders always include the finest attention to detail that you would expect from the premier restorer of high-end audio equipment. Our award winning sound and stunning ascetics will provide you with the pinnacle of superior analog sound.

On this page you will find pricing for some of our more popular decks, features and supporting products. You are cordially invited to browse through Products and Services for more detail on our offerings, or flip through our Gallery of Custom Decks for inspiration. Contact us today for your custom quote and join the exclusive list of J-Corder owners worldwide.

The Natural comes with the original Technics performance specs, standard factory finish, wood side panels, original hub plastic adapters and is available on all Technics models.
  • Natural RS1500 - $  5,995
  • Natural RS1506 - $  5,995
  • Natural RS1700 - $  6,995
  • Natural RS1520 - $  9,995
  • Natural RS10A02 - $17,999
  • Repair and Rebuild Base Service - $1,395
    • Complete disassemble of your Technics tape recorder
    • Replace brakes and springs
    • Test and replace bearings if needed
    • Hard-wire new heavy-duty power cord
    • Laser align all heads and check all specifications
    • Clean and use all switches, posts, buttons and other controls
    • Rejuvenate and protect all connecting posts with "Deoxit"
    • Reassemble and calibrate tape deck using ATR Master Tape
    • Modifications are available for additional cost - Call for Quote

Technics RS-777-2
reel to reel and cassette deck combination is a the very first of its kind. Created by Jeff July 2018, this is truly the rarest tape deck on the planet. The unmodified Technics RS-777 was originally offered in the late 70s to early 80s. A slimmed down version of the RS-1500, this litte beauty plays 7 inch reels and has one of the smoothest auto-reverse mechanisms we have seen. 

  • Technics 777-2 Serial #1 -  Priceless / OBO

The Pioneer RT-707
reel to reel is compact, well built, uses 7 inch reels, and come with auto-reverse functionality. This tape deck is ideal for first time reel to reel enthusiasts, if you have space limitations, and for those buyers who seek quality on a budget.
  • Original Finish with ears (no sides) - $1595
  • Custom Finish with ears (no sides) - $2095
  • Custom Finish Red and Black without ears - $2295
  • Piano Finish Side Panels with Chrome Side Insert - $395
  • Other Custom Finishes - Call for Quote
Pioneer RT-707 in Red Finish without ears no sides / Red and Black Finish with Piano Finish sides

Our most popular finish, the modernized Black Magic package is the perfect match for most any Hi-Fi stereo system. For the Black Magic Package, those options purchased separately would run you $1865 or a $370 savings off list price.

The color match process allows for virtually any custom color imaginable. Other Limited edition rare paint finishes are available. Our McIntosh Finish Package is limited to 29 machines maximum and is selling quickly!
  • Black Magic Option Package - $1495
    • Available on all Technics models
      • custom quote available for all other makes and models
    • Deep Gloss Piano Black Finish
    • Metal Side Inserts in Matte and Chrome
      • 24k Gold Side Inserts - $295
    • Black VU Meters
    • Silver Head Block
    • Original Technics Hubs, Legs, Knobs and Switches
    • Reels not included

  • McIntosh Finish Package Limited Edition - $3995
    • Black Magic Finish Package
    • Blue VU Meter Upgrade
    • McIntosh Style Green Lettering
    • Original Technics Hubs, Legs, Knobs and Switches
    • Call for Quote on an Additional Cosmetic Options
      • 24K Gold Plating, Gem Knobs, Reels, Hubs, Etc.
  • Chrome Tipped Front Panel Screws - $75 complete set
Technics RS-1500 in the Black Magic Finish and Limited Edition McIntosh Finish Package with Optional Upgrades

  • Color Match Automotive Custom Finish - $995 and up
  • Deltron Custom Paint Finish - Call for Quote

Sample Custom Paint Finishes
  • 24 Karat Gold Plating Base Package - $695
    • Available on all Technics models, custom quote available for other makes and models
    • Four Upper Roller Bearing Parts Inner and Outer
    • Two tape Guides
    • Two Center Cover Fasteners
  • 24 Karat Gold Lower Accent Package - $350
    • Available on all Technics models
    • Lower Roller Accent
    • Three Lower Knob Base Accents
  • Other Gold Plated Parts - Call for Quote

24 Karat Gold Accents Technics 1500 McIntosh, DarkLab Hubs, Pioneer 707 Rose Gold Knobs

If you enjoy the sound of tube playback amplifiers, our four head Flux playback head block option is the one for you. This head assembly has erase, record and play heads. The first position is for the external playback head that has a direct wired output.

The three head assembly allows you to eliminate the switch on the front of the unit. This head block provides a simple two-track or a four-track assembly with erase, record and play heads.
  • Cosmetic Head Block Options
    • Silver, Black or Gold Overlay - $85
    • Aluminum Mounting Plate - $150
    • Brass Mounting Plate - $275
    • Decorative Plugs Gold or Silver (set of 8) - $80
    • Custom Color Paint - $595
  • Headblock Button Inserts Silver or Gold - $80
  • Performance Head Block Options
    • Record Playback Upgrade - $1995
    • Four Head with External Flux Play Back Head - $1795
    • Three Head - $795
    • RS1700 Auto Reverse Upgrade - $1195

Custom Color Match VU Meter and Headblock Combination / Custom Color Match Reel

We hope you will enjoy the cosmetic improvements of the J-Corder Series 1 and 2 Hub Adapters. Not only are they nice to look at, they have some serious mechanical improvements over the original standard after market plastic hubs available elsewhere. Our exclusive J-Corder hubs have a much stronger spring, are build to last and have NO plastic parts.

J-Corder precision reels are made of thicker, durable high-quality metal. There are 12 fastening screws to the center hub. We offer reels in the original Technics color, gold, silver, and black. Custom colors are also available. We can brand all reels with any labeling you like. Most major brand labeling is in stock for no extra cost. Up-charge applies for special lettering requests that are not already available. Call for more info.
  • Hub Adapters
    • Technics Original - $125
    • darkLab Low Profile - $250
    • darkLab Trumpet - SOLD OUT
    • J-Corder Series 1 - SOLD OUT
    • J-Corder Series 2 - $395
    • 24 Karat Gold Plating - Call for Quote
  • Reels
    • J-Corder Professional 7 inch NEW - $125 each
    • darkLab 7 inch - $60 each
    • J-Corder Super Heavy Duty Reel - $225 each
    • J-Corder Professional Precision 10.5 inch - $125 each
      • Aluminum Center NAB Hub only - $25 each
    • Add Blank ATR Master Tape to any J-Corder Reel - $45 each
    • Custom Finish Reel - Call for Quote
    • Custom Labeling - Call for Quote

Original Brochure Insert from Technics

We offer a wide variety of accents to meet all of your reel to reel desires. 
  • Inserts
    • Technics Custom Finish Inserts - $125 and up
    • Metal Side Panel Accent Inserts - $125
    • Aluminum Back Plate NEW - $495
    • Original Style Re-pro Back Panel - $250
  • Knobs, Switches, Buttons
    • Brushed Button Overlays Aluminum or Gold - $95
    • Brushed Aluminum Knobs (set of 4)  - $295
    • Brushed Aluminum Switches (set of 6) - $85
    • Premium Aluminum Buttons w/Red and Blue Accent - $395
    • Gem Stone Knob Upgrade Onyx or Carnelian (set of 3) - $395
    • 24k Gold Plating - Call for Quote
  • Sides
    • Hardwood Varied - $295 pair and up
    • Rosewood Veneer USED - $195 pair
    • Deep Gloss Red, Black, Grey - $495 pair
    • Custom Color Match - Call for Quote
    • Metal Side Panel Accent Inserts - $125
    • Custom VU Meters - $250 and up
  • Necessities
    • Legs
      • Original Plastic - $69
      • Bushed Aluminum - $125
      • Chrome - $195
      • 24k Gold - $395
    • Included with all J-Corder Rebuilds - NO CHARGE
      • Power Cord Upgrade
      • Brake Assembly
    • Roller Bearing Upgrade - $395 each
    • Tape Lifter Upgrade - $695
    • Chrome Tipped Screws - $75 complete set
  • Accessories
    • Dust Cover - $295 and up depending on condition
    • Shelf Rack Brackets - $250
    • Carrying Case - Call for Quote
    • Remote
      • Wired - $295
      • Wireless - $995
    • Technics Custom Shipping Carton (fits all models) - $75