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Review: J-Corder

"This modded R2R sounds so good it's used in professional recording studios. Whether listening to the best master dubs, making party mix tapes, or recording needle drops to preserve precious vinyl, the J-Corder is analog magic."

Follow this link to read the full article: http://www.wired.com/2015/11/review-j-corder/Written by Rene Chun

...remarks on a J-Corder Technics RS1500

During a demo in January 2018, Nick Dosh, founder of Doshi Audio, tested a J-Corder Technics RS-1500 that was modified for customer Tom Caselli, We are honored to  hare Nick's comments with you.

 "Jeff, It was nice talking to you again. I called you to let you know how impressed I was with the tape handling of the J-Corder units that were delivered to Tom. I have have the opportunity to work with many machines in the course of installing the Doshi pre-amplfier all over the world, and the results that I observed with the J-Corder Technics as a transport are among the very best I have ever seen. The combination of the rebuilt transport and Flux Magnetics Heads installed by JRF delivered a superb result with respect to frequency response and tape path stability. It proves that the Technics transport, when upgraded by you, can play with the big boys and show them a few tricks. As an engineer, I always tend to weigh the technical performance more. However, in this case, I would be remiss if I did not remark on the stunning cosmetics as well. Congrats to all. Nick"

Steve Hoffman, Audio Engineer

...uses a Rudy RS1520 

Steve is an audio engineer who specialized in remastering vintage sound recordings.  He re-discovered original Nat "King" Cole master taps. When asked out the Ruby 1520 was working for him...

"Jeffs restored machines are works of art, totally redone inside and out. I've been using the Ruby 1520 for playback on the Nat "King" Cole project for months now. It's a killer machine. Not many tape machines I've ever used while wearing white gloves, but this is one of them. The sound is neutral yet majestic and the machine is light enough o carry around... Its a joy to work with. 
The J-Corder Audio Showroom
Located in Gig Harbor, Washington, J-Corder features an array of vintage audio plus the new Technics Reference Series, Rediscover Music. Visiting J-Corder in-person is a one of a kind experience. 

"The Answer is a J-Corder, another uber R2R that customarily draws standing-room crowds...Professionals have given J-Corder a vast thumbs up."

"It's a honor of tenure thing," says Myles Astor, executive editor of AVShowrooms.com