Custom Reel to Reel Tape Recorders
Retro Trade-Ins

All used trade-in audio equipment is bench tested in good working condition. The items on this page are available for purchase or trade. All reasonable offers will be considered. If you have equipment to trade or sell, please contact us for a quote. 

Epicure M1000 Loudspeakers
Here is your chance to own a true slice of J-Corder history. These multi-directional speakers were part of Jeff's personal system for many years. With 4 eight inch woofers and 4 one inch inverted dome tweeters in each tower, they require 200 watts per channel for optimal sound. Like most of Jeff's personal audio equipment, these have been upgraded with all new hardware, woofers and tweeters in addition to replacing the original mesh faces with smaller round covers accented with custom brass rings and restoring the wood.

Jeff purchased these new about 1973 to sell at $2000 MSRP for the pair. He liked them so much that he decided to keep them for himself. These heavy and great sounding loudspeakers were used at J-Corder's early CES shows and were affectionately referred to as the coffins by the J-Corder crew. When you lift them you will know why!

These speaker really do sound amazing, have served us well and show some wear as a result. While we hate to see them go, we must make room for more tape decks. If you decide to adopt these lovelies, we would be happy to provide some J-Corder provenance for your records. The price includes shipping anywhere in the continental US.
$3000 pair / OBO

Technics SP15 Turntable with EPA250 Tonearm
Technics Quartz-Locked 3-Speed Studio motor unit was built from 1979-1988. Our offering is mounted in the Rosewood finish plinth. A favorite of many broadcasters for the pitch controls, it is also loved by many analog enthusiasts for its heavy duty construction, stability and user friendly features. The EPA250 Gimbal bearing Tonearm with interchangeable arm tubes uses the same arm base as the EPA500 tonearm. Original Technics hinged dust cover is included.
$2500 OBO

Technics SE-A70 Power Amplifier
"A" class power amplifier employs "Class A" circuitry, an upgraded design which eliminates the switching and crossover distortion associated with conventional "Class B" amps. Technics Class A provides low disortion while maintaining efficiency. This 160 watts per channel amp works great!
$2000 OBO

Technics RS9900 Stereo Cassette System
This High Fidelity Stereo Cassette System comes with closed-Loop, double-capstan, 3-Motor drive with a separate amplifier unit. Offered from 1976-1980, this was one of biggest, best most impressive cassette decks of the era. If you can't have a reel to reel tape deck, we recommend you try this as a righteous alternative.
$2995 set / OBO

Technics Micro Series Components from the late 1970's
A concise line of mix and match home audio equipment, the Technics Micro Series consists of Amplifier, Pre-Amplifier, Cassette, Tuner and Speaker Options. Models pictured are ST-C03 Tuner, M02 & M04 Cassette, SB-F1 & SBF1(MK2) Loudspeakers, SE-SU-C01 Pre-Amplifier and C01 Power Amplifier. We have many components available, not just those pictured here.
$200-$500 per component / OBO

Technics SH-9090P Equalizer
These Universal Frequency Professional Series Equalizers provide individual adjustment for twelve center frequencies by as much as a full octave for extremely versatile sound shaping. This is a monaural EQ, so you will need two of these for stereo output, which is why we are selling as a set.
$3995 pair / OBO

Kenwood 700M Power Amp
Supreme Series 175 watt per channel amplifiers are as beautiful as they are powerful. The deep black finish is so mirror like that it is impossible to take a picture without reflection. In addition to custom paint, we have added our signature J-Corder Black Onyx Knobs. You really have to see these on person to appreciate their aesthetics. 3 Available
$2495 each / OBO

M-Design 1000 Watt Eleganza Godfather 1500 Sub-woofer
M-Designs powered sub-woofer is as beautiful as it is strong with a built-in 1000 watt power amplifier. This high-gloss high-end furniture grade lacquered cherry wood speaker is among the finest subs in the world. You won't believe the power house base this amazing piece puts out. With a 15" Aurasound driver, this unit weighs in at 228 lbs. 4 Units
$1999 $999 each / OBO