Custom Reel to Reel Tape Recorders

Rediscover Technics

We are proud to be one of Technics largest authorized dealers North America. Technics components are well designed and the sound is phenomenal. We carry all of Technics' new products and would be happy to coordinate any special orders for you, including for the exceptional Reference Series class. If you are in the Puget Sound area and would like to experience the sound first hand, contact us for a private showing or for pricing and availability.

Redefining high-fidelity, we are pleased to offer the new SL-1000R and SP-10R turntables for a new age in superior analog sound. MSRP $9,999 - $17,999

Sets a new high performance standard for digital amplifiers by employing state-of-the-art components and innovative technologies. MSRP $16,999

Employs innovative fully-digitized processing that delivers a pure and accurate signal to the speakers. MSRP $2,499

Achieves a superlative level of sound reproduction, building on Technics linear-phase, point-sound-source concept. MSRP $13,499


Premium Wireless Speaker System SC-C50 ***NEW***
Four JUNO Engines produce optimal performance with superior sound imaging through sub-woofer, mid-range, and tweeter alignment. Space Tune optimizes the listening environment to every sound space. WiFi enabled, Bluetooth, built in Chromecast, Airplay, Internet Radio, Spotify, Tidal and much more, this little speaker packs a big punch. MSRP $799

This floor standing speaker achieves clarity in sound imaging and fullness in spatial expression. MSRP $2,499


Realizes high transparency and a precise sound image, building on our linear-phase, point-sound-source concept. MSRP $1,599

SL-1200 Series Turntables
Cordless direct drive motors with high-precision control. MSRP $1,699 and up

Minimizes noise and achieves maximum silence, building on digital source reproduction technology and know how accumulated over many years of experience. MSRP $8,999

Realizes accurate and high-quality music reproduction, drawing out the full potential inherent in a music CD. MSRP $1,599

Please contact us for pricing and availability