Custom Reel to Reel Tape Recorders

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Tape Lifter Stand-Off Arm Assembly
Properly functioning lifters are critical to extending the optimal performance of your tape deck as they hold the tape away from the heads during fast forward and rewind. Technics' original tape lifter assembly offers a static arm that the recorded side of the magnetic tape rubs against. This causes wear and tear on the lifter at the same time degrading or wearing away at your recorded music. Using military grade 100% stainless steel parts, our new assembly utilizes bearings packed with non-conductive grease. The eliminate of the drag adds many ours of life to your recordings and significantly reduces the possibility of tape shed.
MSRP $695

Technics RS-777-2 Reel to Reel and Cassette Tape Recorder
We have taken the super rare 777 and made it even better, adding a beautiful multi-function spectrum display, many colorful lights, meters and a fully operational cassette deck. With this unique first-of-a-kind J-Corder creation, you can make your own compilation R2R and cassette tapes at the same time. Why? Because we can!

Aluminum Back Insert Panel
Available on Technics RS-1500, 1506, 1520 ,1700 and 10A02, our brand new sturdy back panel upgrade provides a drastic structural improvement over the pressed peg board backing of the past. Powder coated in a deep grey color, of course if adds a certain aesthetic appeal as well.

J-Corder Super Heavy Duty 10.5 inch Metal Reels

These super heavy duty reels were made to last you a lifetime. Guaranteed not to warp.