Custom Reel to Reel Tape Recorders

Hub Adapters and Reels

J-Corder Hubs
We hope you will enjoy the cosmetic improvements of the J-Corder Series 1 and 2 Hub Adapters. Not only are they lovely to look at, they have some serious mechanical improvements over the standard aftermarket plastic part hubs made elsewhere. Our exclusive J-Corder hubs have a much stronger spring and are built to last a lifetime.

Our Series 1 design was over a year in the making and quickly sold out. In the Series 2 design as pictured, we improved not only the mechanism but also the design. These New and Improved J-Corder exclusive hubs are installed with a special aluminum tool. Once locked in place, they will hold firm for years without the need to adjust. The reel slips easily over the top of the hub. With a quick twist, your reel is securely locked in place.
MSRP $395 pair

J-Corder Series 2 Hub Adaptor

darklab Hubs
J-Corder is an official distributor of darklab products for the United States and Canada. All darklab products are designed to meet the high expectations of today's tape recorder users. Due to modern manufacturing, there is a centric spin on the reels, with no vibrations even on fast winding tape recorders. Available in brushed Aluminum, Chrome, brushed Red and brushed Gold and Blue. 
MSRP $250 pair

J-Corder Super Heavy Duty Reels 10.5 inch
Our newest offering, these perfectly balanced reels will last you a lifetime. Nearly triple the mill width of a standard reel, these are guaranteed never warp or bend with normal use. The machined aluminum centers are attached with six screws providing superior stabilization during use. Available in Blue, Red, Silver and Black.
MSRP $450 pair

Super Heavy Duty compared to standard metal Reel

J-Corder Professional Precision Reels 10.5 inch
These reels were over a year in the design and making. Using the most current technology available, these reels are made with the finest materials and are precision machined to a superior level as compared to reels of the past. Customers asked us to keep the original Technics style. Thus the openings in the Technics finish reels are the exact same pattern as on the originals Technics reels back in the day. Available in silver and gold these beauties offer greatly improved precision and level quality over standard old used reels. Sorry but red and black are sold out.

Enjoy the plain anodized finish, or we have a number of label brands in stock that we can add at no extra charge such as Technics, Akai, Sony, Studer and more. 
MSRP $250 pair
J-Corder Pro Reels 7 inch
Or newest offering, these solid 7 inch reels are built to last. The hefty center provides extra balance to these beautiful and durable high grade reels.
MSRP $250 pair 

darklab Metal Reels 7 Inch
Beautifully unique darklab reels will be sure to add color and personality to your machine.
MSRP $120 pair

ATR Magnetics Master Tape
Add blank ATR 1/4" Master Tape to any new J-Corder reel $45