Custom Reel to Reel Tape Recorders


Customize your tape deck with the many unique enhancements from J-Corder. We use only the finest products with the best craftsmanship for all of our tape deck parts, accents and accessories. We are constantly creating new cosmetic and performance improvement options. Many of our upgrade options are limited editions, so check back often to ensure you don't miss out on the latest J-Corder products. Don't see what you are looking for, please contact us for a custom quote.

We offer a wide colorful variety of front and back panels as well as various front face inserts to choose from. Our inserts are exclusive to J-Corder and can be customized to most any color or finish. You can use these to improve the cosmetic appearance of just about any Technics machine. In the case of our brand new aluminum back panel upgrade, you will realize a drastic structural improvement over the pressed peg board backing of the past. 
Knobs and Switches
Of course we have to give you some options when it comes to the basics as well. Choose from our brushed or black switch overlays, brushed aluminum bottoms, brushed aluminum knobs, up your ante with some 24k gold accents or spring for a lovely semi-precious gem package. This is one area where you can dramatically personalize your deck.

Gem Stone knobs upgrades are available in Carnelian and Onyx semi-precious stones. The stones are embedded into a specially machine knob and are available to dress up any Technics tape deck. We can also custom make these for your other high-end components. 


Our side panels can be used on any Technics machine and are customizable to any color or finish and in a multitude of wood types. These panels are available for purchase to add to your own tape deck at home. We specialize in a rich deep piano black or red mirror and finish so deep that you can lose yourself it in. The metal accent side inserts are offered in chrome and gold finish.

VU Meters
We love VU meters! They light up and are just plain cool. For the avid J-Corder fans out there, you are painfully aware of our love for meters and lights of all kinds. Our current standard are offerings are cream, white, black and custom color to match. That said, I am sure you could easily convince us to try a new color for you! 
Performance Necessities 
Not unlike a car, there some things you must have in order for your tape deck to function properly. Those include power, brakes, bearings, steering, strong frame to hold it up and screws to keep it together. Of course we had to optimize these necessities too.
  • We have eliminated the brittle plastic legs for a sturdier and more attractive aluminum design, offered in aluminum, chrome and 24k gold.
  • The power cords are updated to a modern heavy duty standard. 
  • The old felt brakes wore out quickly, were ineffective and prone to sudden failure. We have addressed that problem with sturdy new cork design that grabs tight and wears well. 
  • We vastly improved the static tape guide assembly with new bearings and solid stainless steel parts. 
  • We modified the upper roller bearing tape guides on the headlock to reduce friction. 
  • Finally, we chrome tipped the screws for the ultimate in luxury finish
Dust Cover and Storage Case
These original Technics accessories are super cool and super rare. If you have any for sale, we would love to hear from you.