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J-Corder is the brainchild of Jeff Jacobs. Jeff, the "J" in J-Corder, has an unmatched talent for bringing things back to life along with a robust passion for good music.

With decades of experience in audio sales and service, Jeff knows the requirements of a discerning audiophile. He was an authorized dealer and service technician for Technics, Sony, Pioneer, Marantz, Bang and Olufsen and many other major manufacturers from the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Jeff's love of restoration began with vintage automobiles when he founded a renown restoration business in the 90s. He specialized in 1958 Pontiac Bonneville's, dismantlement them down to the bare metal frame and a pile of parts before reassembling into a stunning work of art. He often brought his award winning cars back to a condition that was considered by many to be better than new. 

After retiring from the car business, Jeff decided to blend his talents and give his special level of attention to vintage high-end audio. The Technics reel to reels Jeff loves so much are ruggedly built, which makes them the perfect a choice for restoration. The sound provided by an analog tape machine made by Jeff is so rich and smooth, you won't want to stop listening. 

J-Corder's improvements are more than just beautiful cosmetics. We make internal modifications to improve both the record and the playback mechanisms, electronics and circuitry. The end result, we offer a superior tape deck that out performs the specifications of the original Technics. Each unit is bench tested for quality control and they come with a 12 month warranty for defects.

J-Corder tape decks are assembled by hand and customizable to your exact wishes. Using materials such as carbon fiber, automotive quality paint, specialty woods, gems and precious metals allows us to provide a custom deck that perfectly fits your hi-fi system design, sound and sensibility requirements. 

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Jeff Jacobs, CEO
"Creator Extraordinaire"

Kim Anderson, COO/CFO

As Jeff's daughter, Kim grew up around audio and instantly became an avid fan of Hi-Fi. She started working in high school, selling records on the second story of the retail store in Green Bay and has been keeping Jeff's back-office running smoothly ever since.

In 1992 she formed a multi-state mobile paramedical services company, grew that to a 5 state 20 office network before selling it in 2005. Accepting a role in the corporate world at that time, she advanced her carrier to Senior Vice President for a Dallas based corporation before officially heading back into the audio world full-time in January 2018.

In 2008, Kim co-founded the corporation with Jeff that now owns the Trademarked J-Corder enterprise. Responsible for operations, finance and marketing, she continues to make sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes.