Sneak Peeks at New Stuff

BEAUTIFUL  Our new selection of Legs are available to compliment your deck.               All are made from aluminum and finished to provide a custom appearance. Available on Shop J-Corder. 
Select from the following finishes:                                               

                                    Brushed              Chrome                       24K Gold 

NEW RT 707 Roller Bearing Tape Guide Assembly
The original static tape guides for the RT 707 can now be upgraded with the new roller bearing assembly, eliminating friction and improving sound quality. $395.00 a pair. 


NEW Upper Headblock Roller Bearing Assembly
Now available our new roller bearing tape guides for the top of the headblock. These are used to replace the original static tape guides in order to eliminate friction. This is an easy install for you to do. One set $395.00.


NEW Roller Bearing Tape Guide Assembly
This tape guide is a vastly improved version of the original static tape guide assembly. We use military spec washers, spacers and bearings. The bearings are packed with non-conductive grease and all parts are stainless steel. This provides you with greatly enhanced tape path performance. It drastically improves the fast forward and rewind function with the elimination of tape drag as a result of a static tape guide. This option is available on any of our current machines as well as available for purchase for you to install on your own machine. Installation is easy and will only take a few minutes to do it yourself. The price for the parts needed for the assembly is $395.00.


New  Cosmetic Switch Buttons and Overlays 
These new cosmetic options will enhance the beauty of your machine. The black plastic switch buttons can be replaced with new precision machined aluminum buttons for $249.00. The original black plastic function buttons can be upgraded with our brushed silver overlays for $82.00 or our precision machined aluminum switch covers for $350.00.


NEW  Seven Inch Metal Reels
These reels were made in the original Technics style, color and logo. Each reel is $125.00.


NEW  Second Generation Hub Adapters
We hope you will enjoy the new cosmetic improvements of our hub adapters. Not only are they nice to look at there have been some mechanical enhancements as well. These new adapters have a slightly stronger spring and a newly designed collect. $350.00 each