Custom Reel to Reel Tape Recorders


ATR Magnetics 
Phone: 717-718-8008
All of our J-Corder machines are calibrated using ATR
Blank Magnetic Tape. The tapes are newly manufactured and are of a super high quality. Feel free to contact them for all of your tape needs.

Ultra Analog Recordings
UltraAnalogue Recordings offers high quality 2-track recordings at 15-ips, check the website for titles and more details. 

This great web site was developed to host a community for fans of reel to reel tapes to gather, talk, and trade ideas. There is something for everyone from the avid lover of tape to someone just starting to explore the medium. Tapeheads is the brainchild of Matt Desatoff, who himself is extremely knowledgeable  about all things tape related.

JRF Magnetics
Phone: 973-579-5773
John French, from JRF, competes all of our headblock servicing for the Technics machines. He is an expert at resurfacing and realignment of the tapeheads. Feel free to contact John for all of your tapehead needs. 

Electronic Engineers, Inc
Phone: 773-202-0909
Located in Chicago Illinois, Roman Sokalov does service and repairs for hi-fi audio, video and television equipment. Feel free to contact Roman for your service needs.

Retro Thing 
Retro thing is an independent vintage gadget website that is run be a team of (self-proclaimed) elves from Calgary and Chicago.  Each month they present a never-ending stream of classic and almost-classic gizmos and books. These elves surprised us with a great feature about J-Corder in the February 2009 issue. This site is as fun as it is informative - check it out!

Gig Harbor Audio
Gig Harbor Audio provides the HiFi community with affordable repair, new/vintage entry level analog and digital sales and used vinyl.