Rediscover Technics - Rediscover Music

We are proud to once again be an Authorized Technics Dealer. These new components are well designed and the sound is phenomenal.J-Corder carries the new Reference Class Series and would be happy to coordinate sales for the Premium Class. If you are in the Puget Sound and would like to experience the sound first hand, contact Jeff

Stereo Power Amplifier SE-R1

Sets a new high performance standard for digital amplifiers by employing state-of-the-art components and innovative technologies.

Stereo Integrated Ampliphier SU-C700
Employs innovative fully-digitized processing that delivers a pure and accurate signal to the speakers

Speaker System SB-R1
Achieves a superlative level of sound reproduction, building on our linear-phase, point-sound-source concept.

SL 1200 Series Turntable

Direct Drive Turntable System. 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Network Audio Control Player SU-R1
Minimizes noise and achieves maximum silence, building on digital source reproductuin technology and know how accumulated over many years.

Compact Disc Player SL-C700
Realizes accurate and high-quality music reproduction, drawing out the full potential inherent in a music CD.