Custom Reel to Reel Tape Recorders

Options and Pricing

The Natural is our base model  
This deck comes with the original Technics finish and the original side panels. This natural finish is available on almost all models. Here is a list of available decks and the base price for each:
  • Natural 1500 and 1506    $4,995.00
  • Natural 1700       $5,995.00
  • Natural 1520      $7,995.00
  • Natural 10A02  $17,995.00
Pioneer RT-707
This compact machine is heavy, well built, uses 7 inch reels, and has auto reverse making it a great machine for first time reel to reel buyers or someone who wants a smaller more affordable deck. 
  • Basic Machine   $1595.00                                                                                             FRONTS
  • Red or Black with ears $1995.00
  • Red or Black without ears $2050.00
Additional RT-707 Options and Upgrades
  • Piano Finish Side Panels with Chrome inserts - $395.00
  • Upgraded Roller Tape Guide Bearings - $395.00
  • Upgraded Power Cord - $80.00

Options and Upgrades include:

Black Magic Option Package - $1395.00
Upgrade a stock Technics taped deck to a Black Magic machine with this option package that includes:  
  • Deep gloss black finish
  • Piano Black sides with metal inserts

24 Karat Gold Plating Package - $695.00

  • 4 Upper Roller Bearing Parts - both inner and outer
  • 2 Tape Guides
  • 2 Center Tape Guide Cover Fasteners
  • Lower Roller Accent
  • 3 Lower Knob Base Accents
Custom Painted Finish - $995.00
Automotive finishes provide the ability to match almost any color with a durable, high gloss finish

Custom Front Panel Inserts - $95.00
These inserts can be used on any Technics machine. You can purchase the insert and fit it to your own deck at home.

Custom Color VU Meters - $250.00

Custom Color Headblocks - $595.00

Headblock Overlays - $49.95

Plated Headblocks
  • Aluminum Plating - $150.00
  • Brass Plating - $275.00

Polished Aluminum Legs - $125.00
These legs can be used on any Technics machine. You can purchase the legs and fit it to your own deck at home.

Chrome Plated Aluminium Legs - $175.00

Side Panels
These panels can be used on any Technics machine. You can purchase the panels to add to your own deck at home. There are many hardwood finishes available.
  • Hardwood - $295.00 per pair
  • Deep Gloss Finish - $495.00 per pair

Metal inserts - $125.00
Chrome and brushed inserts available

Function Switch Overlays in Brushed Aluminum - $65.00

Chrome Switch Knobs - $82.00 per set

Gem Stone Knobs - $295.00 per set

Original Technics Screws Tipped in Chrome - $75.00 per set


Record/ Play Option - $1995.00
The Record/ Play Option is a performance upgrade that includes a custom calibrated matching headblock. This package achieves an extra 8 db gain over original Technics specifications. This feature gives you optimized record functionality. 


Pro Reels - $250.00 per pair
Available in Black,  Silver and Gold and with most any logo available. Current available logo options include: Technics, ReVox, Studer, Pioneer, Tandberg, TEAC, Tascam, Sony, Fostex. Contact Jeff for other logo or personalized options.  

Technics Pro Reels by J-Corder - $295.00 per pair
Available in Black and the original Technics color. These reels have machined, aluminum center hubs with slightly thicker flanges than the originals for much greater stability. We manufactured these with the original Technics design.

NAB Hub Adapters by darklab - $250.00 per pair

  • Low Profile is available in Chrome and Matte Chrome
  • Regular Profile is available in Chrome, Brushed Aluminum, Black and Red 

Second Generation J-Corder Aluminum Hubs - $350.00 per pair

For more information: info@j-corder.com