Custom Reel to Reel Tape Recorders

Newest Offerings

Technics RS-777-2 Reel to Reel and Cassette Tape Recorder
We have taken the super rare 777 and made it even better, adding a beautiful multi-function spectrum display, many colorful lights, meters and a fully operational cassette deck. With this unique first-of-a-kind J-Corder creation, you can make your own compilation R2R and cassette tapes at the same time. Why? Because we can!

Aluminum Back Insert Panel
Available on Technics RS-1500, 1506, 1520 ,1700 and 10A02, our brand new sturdy back panel upgrade provides a drastic structural improvement over the pressed peg board backing of the past. Powder coated in a deep grey color, of course if adds a certain aesthetic appeal as well.

J-Corder Super Heavy Duty 10.5 inch Metal Reels

These super heavy duty reels were made to last you a lifetime. Guaranteed not to warp.

Roller Bearing Tape Guide Assembly

This tape guide is a vastly improved version of the original static tape guide assembly. We use military spec washers, spacers and bearings. The bearings are packed with non-conductive grease and all parts are stainless steel. This greatly enhances the tape path performance, drastically improves the fast forward and rewind functions, and eliminates tape drag as a result of a static tape guide. This option is available on any of our Technics tapes decks. It is also available as a self-service upgrade project that you can do at home on your own machine. Installation is easy and will only take a few minutes to do yourself. We will help talk you through it.