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We now accepting trade-ins on "good quality" audio components. If you have an audio component that you would like to trade or sell contact Jeff with the details of your equipment.

Check out the NEW Retro Trade-In page under the Products and Services.

AUDIO ENGINEER STEVE HOFFMAN  uses Ruby 1520 by J-Corder on the Nat "King" Cole Project

Steve Hoffman is an audio engineer who specializes in remastering sound recordings.  He is currently working on remastering some recently discovered original Nat "King" Cole tapes.  When asked how the Ruby 1520 was working for him, re replied, " Jeff's restored machines are works of art, totally beautiful inside and out, I've been using the Ruby 1530 for playback on the Nat "King" Cole project for months now. It's a killer machine... Not many tape machines I've ever used while wearing white gloves but this is one of them. The sound is neutral yet majestic and the machine is light enough to carry around (unlike an ATR-102). It's a joy to work with."

For more information see Steve's website:

T.H.E. Show - Newport Beach

It was our first time at the "Newport Beach Audio Show" and we had fun.  Evidently others had fun visiting our demo room and took the time to share it on several sites, blogs and video clips.  Here are a few for you to enjoy.


J-Corder Tapedecks - YouTube
Please visit http://www.avshowrooms.com for the best high performance product videos on the ...

T.H.E. Show, Newport Beach  – J-Corder Reel to Reels
On the third floor of the Atrium, we noticed attendees being drawn in like moths to a flame.  At first, we attributed it to the unique music they were playing, and then we opened the door to find a stunning collection of reel to reel decks.  Audiogon President, Steve Clay, just couldn’t leave T.H.E. Show without speaking to Jeff Jacobs. 

Video Interview with Jeff:  http://hub.audiogon.com/2013/06/t-h-e-show-newport-beach-2013-j-corder-reel-to-reels/

J-Corder Now on Amazon!

You can now find select items available on Amazon. Follow this link to see our current product offerings.

J-Corder @ Amazon 

The J-Corder Audio Showroom

Located in Gig Harbor, Washington, J-Corder features an array of vintage audio
plus the  new Technics Reference Series - Rediscover Music.

All of the vintage equipment has been serviced or re-built. J-Corder is a one of a kind experience. 

Mirror Sound Studio in Seattle uses  
J-Corder 1500 in Production

Here is what Ken Fordyce of Mirror Sound Studio has to say about his J-Corder. "Analog mixing has been reborn thanks to Jeff Jacobs and his J-Corder RS 1500 modified Technics 2-Track. Imagine mixing to tape and never having to think about using noise reduction. With Jeff’s new record/play electronics and the use of +9 tape such as Mike Spitz’s ATR-1 you get a beautiful sounding analog recording without the hiss. Here at Mirror Sound, we’ve been doing high quality multi track music production since my coffee running days at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia back in the 80’s. At Mirror Sound  we’ve used 4 then 8 then 16 track analog machines for over 3 decades. Now with our Pro Tools HD and 24 channels of Apogee converters combined with our new RS-1500 2-Track mixdown machine, the results are stupendous! As a bonus it’s the sweetest looking recorder you’ll ever see. Thanks Jeff for the machine and your dedication to sonic excellence! Please visit our website at www.mirrorsound.com for more info. 
Tours available upon request." 


Ken Fordyce & the J-Corder 1500 used his studio