J-Corder Makes the News

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - October 2016

We are proud to have Von Scweikert Audio use a J-Corder Reel to Reel as a source when showcasing their phenomenal products. Von Schweikert Audio has been at the forefront of High-End Loudspeaker engineering for more than 40 years.  Handcrafted in the U.S.A., our heirloom products allow you to experience live performances by your favorite musical artists in the comfort of your own sound room.  http://www.vonschweikert.com/home 

From left to right:  Leif Swanson, Jeff Jacobs and Damon Von Schweikert.  

J-Corder breathes fresh life into reel-to-reel – RMAF 2016


The sound coming from the row of vintage Technics, and Panasonic tape decks was stopping just about everyone in their tracks as they walked down the 11th-floor hall, and peering into the packed J-Corder demo room at Rocky Mountain Audio Festival this past weekend.

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Review of J-Corder in WIRED 
Written by Rene Chun


"This modded R2R sounds so good it's used in professional recording studios. Whether listening to the best master dubs, making party mix tapes, or recording needle drops to preserve precious vinyl, the J-Corder is analog magic."

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