Custom Reel to Reel Tape Recorders


J-Corder offers a wide selection of customization and performance improvements. We are describing below our most popular modification options for headblocks. For configurations not listed, please contact us for a custom quote.

For the RS-1700 model, the factory glued together two very small heads to give you the erase and record function.These small heads will not perform up to the ability of a full size head. The only advantage of the original design was it allowed you to record in both directions. A typical problem with any auto reverse machine is the sound quality and playback levels differ going forward versus reversed. To solve that problem Jeff, removes the two erase/record heads and replaces those with one full-sized erase and one full-sized record head. This dramatically improves the sound quality, still allowing you the convenience of long playback times while utilizing the auto-reverse functionality. 

With this upgrade, recording is only done going in the forward direction. The Auto-Reverse Playback operates as it came from the factory. The advantage to recording in the forward direction is a perfectly matched sound level when you play back in either direction. Customers who have purchased this option really love the performance.

                              1700 Erase/Record Head                          1700 Head Assembly After Modification

Three Head Option

This option allows you to eliminate the switch that is on the front of the original headblock. You simply have a two-track or a four-track assembly with an erase, record and play head. Choose either format with this sound performance improvement option.

Switched Headblock                                                  Eliminated Switch

Four Head with external Flux Playback Option
We know many of you enjoy the sound of tube playback amplifiers. This head assembly has an erase, record and play head. The first mounting position is a second playback head that is wired directly to a pair of output jacks on the back of the machine. This option allows the user to try any tube or other external playback amplifier. 

                    Two Track Erase Head and Record Head                       Double Two Track Playback Heads

All of the above options are available with either Aluminum or Brass Headblock plates. The assemblies professionally done using only the finest materials from John French of JRF. The Four Head configuration includes Flux extended range playback that is hard-wired direct output.

Aluminum and Brass Precision Machined Headblock Plates

J-Corder Precision Headblocks
Our head block plates are precision machined using aluminum and brass (see above pics). Today's modern machining standards are used, resulting in quality that far exceeds the original Technics cast plates. Our plates allow you to configure your headblock in a three head, four head or "no switch" configuration. With the four head configuration, the second playback head is wired directly from the head to a pair of output jacks in the back. This feature will allow you to use any playback amplifier of your choosing for the second playback head. This is a great option for those who like to use both tube and transistor. 

 Standard Headblock configurations with J-Corder Overlays


Overlays for Your Current Head Block
If your head block has scratches, gouges or is in bad cosmetic condition with worn lettering, you can freshen the look with a J-Corder overlay. Overlays are available in Brushed Aluminum, European Gold and Brushed Chrome. Other customized finishes are available by custom quote

                                                      Standard J-Corder Overlay Colors