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Customize your tape deck with accessories from J-Corder and darklab products. We use only the finest products with the best craftsmanship for all of our tape deck accessories.

professional audio media & accessories

J-Corder is the official distributor of darklab products for the United States and Canada.  We are proud to offer these quality products. All darklab products are designed to meet the high expectations of today's tape recorder users.  Due to modern manufacturing there is a centric spin on the reels,  with no vibrations even on fast winding tape recorders. You will be pleased with the products.

Beware of imitations.  As you can see from the photo there is a difference in color and quality. A darklab hub adapter is fastened at the factory without the use of screws. This prevents wobble and other balance problems that will cause the tape to wind onto the reel in an uneven fashion. 

If you do not see a darklab logo on your hub adapter - it is not a darklab product. Don't settle for second best. Standard hub adapters $250.00/pair. Low Profile hub adapters $250.00/pair

The picture below shows the variations of darklab NAB hub adapters customized by J-Corder.   
Left to right:  The Traditional Adapter, The Brushed Aluminum Center and The Brushed Aluminum Leading Edge.

The picture below is of the newest Low Profile Hubs. Left: Chrome  Right: Matte Chrome

Pictured below is a set of gold-tone darklab NAB hub adapters with the Brushed Aluminum Center. These look look terrific with the ReVox open reels.  All of our custom reels are available with any logo you choose.

Customize your tape deck with accessories from J-Corder and darklab products. We use only the finest products with the best craftsmanship for all of our tape deck accessories.

Check back with us frequently as we will be offering new choices on a regular basis.

J-Corder Precision Pro Reels
Our new reels were a year in the making.  Using today's technology our new reels are made with the finest materials and precision machined to a superior level compared to those of the past. Our customers told us that they wanted to keep the original Technics -style so the openings in the reels are exactly the same pattern as the originals. Our new reels are constructed with aluminum centers. It is no longer necessary to buy used, original reels when you can have precision level quality. 

                     Available in stock Technics,  black anodized,  gold anodized and clear aluminum anodized.   



J-Corder Precision Head Block Plates
These head block plates are precision machined using aluminum and brass.  The machining to create these plates is far better  than the original cast plate. These plates will allow you to configure your head block in a three head or four head configuration. The switch has been removed for a purer sound. With the four head configuration the second playback head is wired directly from the head to a pair of output jacks on the back.  This feature will allow you to use any playback amplifier of your choosing for the second playback head. This was done to meet the high demand from our customers who would like to try different playback amplifiers - both tube and transistor. 

These head blocks enhance both the sound quality and the look of the machine.




Gem Stone Appearance Option

Dress up your deck with Gem Stone knobs. This option is currently available with Carnelian and Onyx semi-precious stones. The stones are embedded into specially machined knobs. The knobs are available to dress up any Technics tape deck.